Letter to the Editor: Not first time cost underestimated


Regarding the Aug. 3 Northern Virginia Daily article on pages A1 and A2 concerning the cost overrun for the rehabilitation of the Ressie Jeffries Middle School in Front Royal/Warren County, I find it ironic that this same issue on page A5 contains an article stating the Warren County administrator and deputy administrator are receiving pay raises.

This is not the first time in recent memory that Warren County and its administration has grossly underestimated the cost of a major undertaking. Last year for example, the Leach Run Parkway low bid came in at almost $4 million over the county’s estimate, causing Warren County/Front Royal to drastically scale back the scope of the project. (Not to mention this is a road originating from nowhere going to nowhere, and serves very little practical purpose, in my opinion).

I make my livelihood in the concrete road/bridge/airport construction business and deal with estimates each and every day. If I conducted my business the way Warren County manages its projects, I would not be employed for very long.

Larry Diehm, Bentonville