Letter to the Editor: Protesters decry energy policies


I could not find any mainstream media outlets, including this newspaper, that covered the March on the Mansion of July 23.

There were 600 dedicated people marching on the streets of Richmond in intense heat to protest Virginia Gov. McAuliffe’s energy policies. Asserting “Climate justice cannot wait” and “Protect Virginia,” protesters decried policies that promote more fossil fuel infrastructure at a time when we are called by scientists to leave 80 percent of the fossil fuels that are in the ground, in the ground. We are called to do this to avert the very worst of extreme climate effects for our children.

While wildfires blaze, pipelines leak and explode, the people of West Virginia struggle with the effects of disastrous flooding, and the military is making plans to cope with rising sea levels along Virginia’s coast, McAuliffe is like Nero fiddling in Rome. He cites the creation of a few temporary jobs to defend his disastrous policies that support power companies that won’t change and the expansion of the fossil fuel industry.

Back in February, this paper published an Associated Press article that asserted that there is only “scattered resistance” to the pipelines that Dominion Power would like to put through national forest in Southwestern Virginia. I beg to differ. Resistance among landowners, conservation officials, concerned citizens and environmental organizations is a full-fledged movement in Virginia. People have been marching in Richmond and demonstrating around the state for years now, and as reports on the dangers of fracking pile up, so does resistance.

Maya White Sparks, Stephens City