Letter to the Editor: Sanitary districts are beneficial


I loved your story in The Northern Virginia Daily about the Lake Front Royal Road Maintenance Sanitary District.

Warren County has more sanitary districts than any other county in Virginia.  I believe there are 16,650 homes in Warren County and one in every four of the county’s 25641 lots is in a sanitary district for road maintenance. I keep hoping my home will be one of the lucky ones soon. Sanitary districts run in size from little Shangri-La (23 lots) to big Shenandoah Farms (2,815 lots). They build bridges, repair pot holes, install speed bumps, guard rails and much more. Lake Front Royal has a lovely lake and a bridge.

In every case Warren County signs off on the negotiations after the citizens have decided what they wish to pay, and what they want done every year. Along with our taxes, the county collects the fees, and then returns the “fee” money to us, so that we (the citizens) can pay for the road work we authorized.

Our fees become tax deductible, the way a privately purchased load of gravel never would. This is the only situation I can think of where the “tax” money is collected and returned to us, the taxpayers, so we can spend it as planned. Furthermore, a sanitary district subdivision would be eligible for a share of any federal disaster relief money granted to Warren County. Not a bad deal.

I suggest you drive down there and take a look at Shangri-La’s bridge, which Warren County will be working on. Just looking will make your feet tingle! We do not have any bridges in our neighborhood, but I am sure looking forward to some speed bumps. Happy bridge building.

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal

This letter has been corrected: A letter to the editor in Saturday’s paper about sanitary districts should have stated that the districts are in Warren County, not in Front Royal, that there 16,650 houses in Warren County and 1 in 4 of the county’s 25,641 lots is located in a Sanitary District. Also, the district fees are not eligible for county tax relief for the elderly and that the districts would be eligible for federal disaster relief funds granted to Warren County, not Front Royal.