Letter to the Editor: Strasburg, then and now


As I search the corners of my mind, I remember Strasburg then, starting with: Troxells Nash, Bob’s Grocery (Jack’s Shack), depot (trains running daily), Creamery, Safeway, feed mill (ice house), Artz Body Shop, Stokes Barber Shop, laundromat, King Fish’s Texaco, Verna’s Hat Shop, Murphy’s Restaurant, Bamber Furniture, Mary Ellen’s Beauty Shop, Tastee Freeze, Crystal Restaurant, Crabill’s Jewelry, Grove’s Dentistry, Dr. Spiggle and Maphis, theater, Tamphin Hardware (Artz’s) Dr. Crawford, Kaplans Store, Jasbo’s Restaurant, Card shop, Woomack’s Chevrolet, Drop Over Café, Golliday’s Service Station, Old Mill Restaurant and Lion’s Playground (nightly softball games, swimming hole).

Coming back into town:  Stickley’s Esso, Kline’s Garage, Acree Grocery (Bob’s), bowling alley, Boyd’s TV (Hammond’s Maytag), Home Town Restaurant (Hi Neighbor), Hershey’s ice cream parlor, Johnson’s Grocery, First National Bank, Lloyd’s Department Store, Virginian Restaurant, Western Auto, Mother and Daughter Shop, Ridgeway’s, Charlie’s pool room, Riddleberger’s, Pifer’s original news stand, laundromat, Cay’s Cab, People’s Drug Store, Mary Virginia Beauty Shop, theater, Joe Wolfson’s, Jimmy the Greek, Silco, Painters Garage, Grubb’s Grocery, Platt’s Silk Mill, Sylvia’s Restaurant, Beer Distributors, Granville Blys, Borden Lumber Co., and Southern States – not one empty store front.

I see Strasburg now: murals with their garish colors.

We’ll welcome these young couples. But where are they going to buy clothing, shoes, linens, appliances, etc.?

Walk through a hall or alley in the Brill building, bring in the vendors, maybe a circus, bearded lady. Bring on the clowns.

I’ll take Strasburg then.

This is my opinion.

Peggy Pappas, Strasburg