Letter to the Editor: Think before you vote


Let me preface this opinion by saying that I came from a house divided: one parent, a Republican; the other a Democrat. At this time, we have a serious decision to make in November, with awesome consequences.

I’m still waiting for the psychiatrists to weigh in on Donald Trump’s mental health. I think terms like megalomaniac, narcissist, misogynist, egomaniac, pathological liar, delusional, xenophobic, cruel might suggest a problem. Recently, in a moment of boredom, I compiled an alphabetical listing of his negative attributes – no problem even with the x’s, y’s, and z’s. Mr. Trump seems to exist in an alternate reality of his own creation. He also seems to have arrested development in his emotional maturity. We don’t want a petulant child in the White House.

At the least, Mr. Trump seems to have an insecurity problem. He’s an “I” man, you may have noticed in his speeches, not a “we” man. He seems to be all bluster, lacking substance.

Where do you think we fit into his nonspecific plans for change? I have no clue. I feel we are being used to promote his fear and anger agenda. Fear and anger seem to feed on each other. I believe he’s in the political game only to gain political power and to salve his insecurities. Let’s don’t make his problems ours.

Yes, I agree changes need to be made. Why not channel fear and anger into change for which we can better advocate, starting with local and state levels. This is where our energy may be best directed and served.

We need to give long and serious thought before we enter the voting booth. We can’t take our vote back. We don’t want awesome bad consequences. Remember, Mr. Trump is not our savior.

Linda Jo Norris, Maurertown