Letter to the Editor: Time to end ‘outhouse’ days of D.C.


In response to Lee Jett’s letter of Aug. 8: Jett calls Washington, D.C., an “outhouse” and is exactly right! Our American politics have from Day 1 been “messy” and hard to clean up just as the past eight years will be very, very hard to clean up, but we are America and we can do it.

If we get another like Obama (Hillary) we will not have another opportunity for the next 50 years (Supreme Court). Jett feels that “just pumping out the outhouse” will do the job! In the end we still have an outhouse.

I for one would like a new modern bathroom complete with indoor plumbing. It is time to end the “outhouse days” of D.C. We keep electing politicians and expect different results. That truly is “insanity.”

I would add that all you are hearing about Mr. Trump you also heard of Mr. Reagan. So, who was better for your family and America? Was it Reagan, Obama, Hillary?

Jett did not mention the stench related to the mess. That stuff really does stink, pretty much like Obama and the progressives that the socialists like to call themselves these days. A good shower will wash away that outhouse stink. Not so with what Obama has created – that stink is going to be here awhile. Yeah, how about two mortar rounds into the outhouse right after the grenade goes in?

Yes, let’s put the “grenade in the outhouse” and get rid of the thing once and for all. Ah, modern plumbing at last. God is great!

John Brain, Maurertown