Letter to the Editor: Trump’s words an insult to veterans


I recently read of a veteran giving his Purple Heart medal to one of the persons running for the office of president of the United States. 

Mr. Trump’s comment of “thanks, I have always wanted one of these” amazed me. 

As a career Marine, I saw far too many Purple Heart medals placed on caskets being returned for burial in the United States. The men in those coffins gave their life for their country. This medal was presented by a grateful nation. It was the one medal no Marine ever wanted awarded, but once given it would never be given away. 

This act and the comments were disgraceful, an insult to any Marine awarded his medal. The Marines did not award this medal lightly, it demanded blood and suffering. It is the one medal awarded to all killed or wounded in action against an enemy of the United States. No one with any empathy would comment,”Thanks, I always wanted one of these.” 

I cannot speak for other members of the armed forces, but I am sure no Marine I know would give this award so casually. Those Marines who were unfortunate enough to be awarded a Purple Heart value it above all others they wear. 

I strongly question the character of anyone who takes it so lightly. I will make no comment on Mr. Trump’s remarks on Mrs. Khan, the Gold Star mother. My anger at his insensitivity and ignorance can’t be expressed in words.

Dan Smith, Woodstock