Letter to the Editor: Unite in prayer, let voices be heard


“Onward Christian soldiers,” where are they? Have they been browbeaten to believe that God has deserted them? Well, he hasn’t. He is still there, waiting patiently for all to ask for his help.

Does a minister stand up at meetings and say a nice long prayer that he spent much time preparing or does he, as he should, request that all present bow their heads and pray silently with faith, believing that God will intervene in this upcoming election and cause us to place, in office, the person who will be the best for all of us?

God does not go where he is not invited. If only the minister is praying at the meeting, then God only hears one voice. But if the whole congregation turns its hearts and prayers to God for much needed help, won’t he surely answer?

Every Christian’s prayer is very important to God. One does not need a college education to say, “Dear Heavenly Father, our country is having hard times and won’t you please step in and help us?”

So simple. So much easier than attempting to know which of the candidates to believe. We know we can believe God. When they were fighting to take Bibles out of our schools, did we fight like Christian soldiers? No. We hid behind, “Oh, they will never be able to do that.” And now laws have been passed that are directly against God’s word and we let it happen because we never believed that could happen.

Much ado is going on about a Muslim family whose son was killed in Iraq, by Muslims. Yes, I sympathize with this family, but I, apparently unlike politicians, also sympathize with all the families who had Christian children who were killed by Muslims.

Remember, just like David fighting Goliath, we have God on our side just waiting patiently for us to join together and beg for his help. The choice is ours. Do we unite in prayer and let our voices be heard or do we hide behind, “Oh, they will never do that.”

Nancy Snow, Fort Valley