Letter to the Editor: Are millennials set to surrender to big government?


This past primary season, a segment of the millennial generation I reluctantly identify with showed immense support for socialist reform in the United States. They attempted to distinguish themselves from the likes of Cuba, Cambodia, China and the Soviet Union; yet, the contrast between them is murky at best.

Opponents like myself justifiably chastise these individuals for their solutions, but we need to acknowledge the problems they’ve recognized. Tuition has skyrocketed, unemployment for college graduates is higher than it’s ever been, and Social Security is undoubtedly going to fail long before we see a penny of retirement.

What some of my peers ignore is how critical life, liberty and property are; they empathize very little for those who were once destroyed by the means by which they plan to achieve their goals, and they ignore the history that has proven the complete failure of socialism.

I’m calling for these individuals to consider an idea that is always new: freedom. The millennial generation has the ability to trade, travel and communicate more efficiently than anyone who’s come before them; and further innovation is around the corner. Burdensome taxation, regulation and duties do not contribute to the well-being of low-skilled, low-wage workers; in fact, it’s those with money to spare that are capable of surviving the inevitable increase in costs for production and consumption.

Millennials aren’t the only victims of big government’s consequences, but they are the next generation to lead this country. Millennials are slated to become this country’s largest voting bloc, and I implore them to consider which candidate plans on reducing government’s scope rather than expanding it. I’m also exhorting the generations that came before millennials to place a seat at the table for them in every organization possible; the recognition of their opinion is more than appropriate now.

There are numbers of millennials in every community who are prepared to contribute and listen. Are millennials ready to surrender their potential to big government? Or are they going to show everyone what the generation of “Why?” really means?

Kyle Gregory Ford, Woodstock