Letter to the Editor: Do Donald Trump’s values fit Virginia?


Virginians may differ in political leanings but we have strong values that make us proud. Values like caring for and giving to others. Values like civility, peace and non-violence. Values of respect. Religious values. Family values.  I’m sure you can think of many more.

Parents in Virginia work hard to instill good values in their children. If, after time this fails – discipline follows. Children learn there are consequences for bad behavior.

What astounds me is that there are no apparent consequences for Mr. Trump’s horrendous behavior. Many, many people – including Virginians – are appalled at his behavior. These statements are not partisan – well respected Republicans and Democrats alike are simply shocked at this reckless man. Anyone can find examples of Mr. Trump’s behavior from video clips of what he’s done and said during this campaign (coming from Mr. Trump himself) – bigotry, sexism, intolerance, self-centeredness,  greed, bullying, rudeness, disrespect, violence and many others.  These are his core values reaffirmed by his own words and actions.

How can we as a society tolerate such behavior in a person running for office as leader of the free world? How can we honestly teach our children what is proper with this person as an example? These core fundamental values, Virginia’s values, are at risk in our nation.  Mr. Trump clashes with the values so important to Virginia’s families. Don’t let someone with values so wrong go so far.

Jim Schaberl, Luray