Letter to the Editor: How can veterans vote for candidate?

This region has a long history of supporting our military, going back to the French and Indian War. Veterans service organizations all strongly support our community in countless ways, which is why I am confused when I hear a veteran say he supports a candidate for president who has a horrible record of involvement with the military.
This candidate, who avoided service through five draft deferments, brags about his exploits fighting the battle of avoiding STDs while others his age died or were wounded in Vietnam. He bragged that it was more fun than Vietnam. This individual, when shown a Purple Heart, put it in his pocket and said he always wanted one and that “this was much easier.”
This is a man who declares our military is in shambles and states that our generals have been reduced to rubble. Granted some may have been, but very few generals rise to that rank unless they earn it. He also said the military is a disaster, and that John McCain was not a war hero.
He has actually said that if a bomb went off under a Humvee that the soldiers would be OK. “They go for a little ride upward and they come down.” He does not say that often soldiers come down without legs or arms. He went to a military high school and thinks he knows more about the military than those who serve. In fact, he knows more about war than those “rubble” generals.
He has accused Iraq and Afghanistan veterans of stealing money intended for relief operations, and he disrespected the parents of a soldier killed in action. I ask every veteran, “How can you possibly support with your vote such a person?”  There are others on the ticket. By all means vote, but consider who you are voting for.
I have voted for president since Eisenhower. Never have I heard a candidate belittle our military in such a way. It is unbelievable that such a person seeks the highest office in the land. May God guide America.
Danuel L. Smith, Woodstock