Letter to the Editor: Jake brake a devilish device


Doubtless one of the most insidious ideas hatched by the mind of humanity is the jake brake, second only to the Christian doctrine of the atonement. If you are not familiar with the former devilish device, it is an addition to a semi/tractor-trailer truck meant to slow the vehicle down on steep grades without taxing the “normal” brakes. It makes the truck sound like a bull elephant in heat with a bad case of flatulence, charging the gates of hell.

I happen to live along a road where up to 10 trucks may pass by in an hour. In the past, my inner peace has been shattered by this beyond the ability of prayer to repair. When the earthquake struck a few years ago, I thought it was merely one of these behemoths passing by.

Several states are now banning the use of these villainous machines in residential or semi-rural areas. I understand Edinburg is considering such. I’m told by the Virginia Department of Transportation that we would have to have such a law before anything could be done about the cacophony.

I thought it might be good to contact the owners of these trucks with a plea to make them stop. I want to publicly thank George’s for taking the initiative in making their drivers aware of the problem, and the latter have proved to be the professionals by following the directive. Ditto with the county landfill drivers, men and women of good will who simply knew not what they did. Wholesome Foods is another business to thank, as well as the pallet carriers to George’s.

I am personally deeply grateful to these people for their good will. We managed to do it without a sign or a law, and that’s the kind of democracy the valley should practice.

As for the inventor of the jake brake: he should probably be stuffed into a tailpipe and deported to some quiet place, like Syria.

Kenn Nilsen, Edinburg