Letter to the Editor: Murals, bump outs not helping Strasburg


Murals on alley walls, bump outs that take away parking places.  That’s Strasburg’s idea of helping businesses in town?

Complete waste of money – does absolutely nothing to make King Street more attractive. Monies would have been more productively spent had it been allocated to property owners to repair and paint their buildings.

Just look at the balcony and the old Vaughn’s Drug Store building. Shameful. That could have been repaired and painted for less than the cost of that disgraceful mural of a respected citizen of Strasburg.

What is our Town Council thinking? Maybe they should take a ride through Stephens City and see how grant money was properly spent to enhance the Main Street of a small town.

I took a slow drive through town Tuesday, from Massanutten to  Capon Street. Depressing.

Joan Bickle, Strasburg