Letter to the Editor: Neither candidate puts nation first


A recent letter writer indicated that the world would be better off if Obama would have a third term, instead of either of the two candidates running for president. May I say that is a bold statement of misunderstanding of the Constitution, especially the 22nd amendment restricting a two-term limit.

An agreement can be reached that neither candidate seems to have the best interest of the nation or the people as a primary concern. But then when did politicians ever care for anything but the next election?

As for myself, I’m hoping for a rush advancement in the SpaceX program for a private flight into space. I would gladly purchase a ticket out and return after this election first to avoid the embarrassment.

It is no secret that Hillary has already been president, for who else was running the country while Bill was in the closet with his cigars and interns?  If she can’t control her own husband and house, how can she control a nation?

On the other hand, is the choice much better?

Observation: what would Mark Twain – no Will Rogers – say? Something like this: Why is it that all politicians who set their feet on the Yellow Brick Road to the White House begin the journey the same way – no courage, no heart and no brains.

I’ve changed my mind about that SpaceX ticket – make it one-way only.

Ronald Martin, Front Royal