Letter to the Editor: Residents need to support businesses


Lately the town of Strasburg has undergone some plastic surgery to improve its looks in the form of large murals painted on the sides of prominent buildings and businesses.

The murals are a great idea, and certainly add some color to the town, but another effective way to permanently improve Strasburg would be for its residents to patronize the small businesses.

Being a resident, I know Strasburg is home to several wonderful shops and restaurants. I see these businesses attract many customers and thrive at certain times, but I also see waves of other new businesses in Strasburg fail mere months after opening their doors. If memory serves me correctly, the building that currently plays host to a new restaurant has changed hands something like five times in the last few years.

I understand that we are living in a difficult economic climate, and that opening a small business anywhere is a risky venture. However, if the people of Strasburg can generate enough business for some establishments to profit, surely they can patronize other small businesses enough to keep them afloat for more than a year.

Looking over some old articles, I found that approximately $700 in donations were raised to fund the murals in Strasburg. If our town’s residents can support these murals, they can certainly support new businesses. These small businesses often run out of money and disappear before the community can get an idea of what they’re selling.

So although improving Strasburg’s aesthetic quality is important, the best way for the town to improve Strasburg in the long term is to support its small businesses, instead of just painting on them.

Jacob Selner, Strasburg