Letter to the Editor: Respect for the flag


So NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell believes in respect for the flag. If he is so concerned, why does he not demand that every sporting venue in the country stop people from walking to and from their seats, buying and drinking beverages during the National Anthem?

Back in the last century when I was a season ticket holder for Washington Capitals games in Landover, Maryland, I stopped standing for the anthem because I saw so much of what I previously mentioned.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt asked that the anthem be played before ball games in an effort to instill patriotism in the people at the beginning of World War II. Since then, playing of the anthem has gotten out of hand in my view.  Supermarket openings, shopping center openings, all have the anthem played.

No matter where you go some uber patriot will want the anthem played or the pledge of allegiance recited. I for one do not need either of these things to show my love of country. I pay my taxes every year, and I vote in every election. And I spent 37 years of my life in service to the country both in the military and as a civilian employee.

Bob Brookfield,  Wardensville, West Virginia