Letter to the Editor: TPP makes no sense


Thank you for publishing the column by Andy Schmookler: “The Real Danger From The TPP.”  Andy is correct.
It makes no sense that foreign corporations can use the Trans-Pacific Partnership to sue our government in a foreign court about activities, laws or assets in our country owned by
Americans, and win a legally enforceable decision that is obviously adverse to our best interests.  Friends, this is no exaggeration.  The information contained in Andy’s piece is absolutely correct.
Free trade agreements have other problems, too.  For example:  it makes absolutely no sense for the United States to agree to, and actually sign, a treaty that allows any large corporation to leave the United States (lock, stock and barrel) and re-establish their operations in a third world country where the hourly labor rate is a tiny fraction of the hourly rate here.  Then they expect to ship their products back here and sell at the same old “made in America” price.  What are the deposed employees here in America supposed to eat, let alone actually buy the product!
Long before we had the North American Free Trade Agreement and the other free trade agreements, we had small, poor, third world countries that managed to attain prosperity through sheer hard work, good will and good management.  Can we please go back to this old fashion way of doing business.
Remember the hare and the tortoise.
Gloria Rickel, Front Royal