Letter to the Editor: Vote for the better decision-maker


You recently published a letter from Bob Lowerre in which he shares his view of “the kind of person Trump is.”

Mr. Lowerre included a number of examples of Mr. Trump’s less-than-admirable behavior. Mr. Lowerre then concludes that “it defies belief” that Mr. Trump enjoys the support of many evangelicals.

I won’t try to defend all of Mr. Trump’s behavior, because I agree that a number of his actions are not those one would associate with sterling character. My intent here is not to argue with Mr. Lowerre, but to offer a possible explanation of why Mr. Trump enjoys such wide support among “evangelicals” and others.

Many consider this election to be about the future of our country, not about personalities or who can throw the most mud at their opponent. I remember an election a good number of years ago in which someone asked, “would you rather have a good person making bad decisions, or a bad person making good decisions?” That may apply today (although consensus on a good person isn’t likely).

A number of voters simply consider that in areas such as Supreme Court appointments, public safety, national security, drugs flowing through our porous borders, immigration, education, law and order, encouragement of responsible behavior, government transparency, effectiveness of federal agencies (Veterans Affairs, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Justice, et al.) and the economy, Mr. Trump is more likely to make decisions that are better for our country and its citizens.

Ben Carson seems to be a fairly honorable “evangelical” fellow, and I’m sure that although he may cringe at some of Mr. Trump’s past behavior, he endorsed Mr. Trump simply because after getting to know him he considers him the better choice for the good of this country.

In closing, let me encourage Mr. Lowerre to cast his vote based not on party affiliation or personalities, but on his view of who will make better decisions for our future.

Ed Hiner, Edinburg