Letter to the Editor: Vote to keep freedom alive


The need for change in America is critical after eight years of federal expansion, corruption and policy failure. It’s critical that our nation return to the values of personal freedom and choice and reject continued federal regulations and mandates that busy the bureaucrats and burden the working class. America is desperate for votes in November to reverse the damage of the past eight years and stop the social and economic meltdown.

During those years our national debt doubled, median family income decreased, welfare spending increased, Obamacare became a disaster, stimulus spending failed, our borders remained porous, war was waged on the private sector and the coal industry, Americans were divided, Congress was divided, terrorism attacks were frequent, this administration safeguarded the Democratic nominee for president from the wheels of justice and, unfortunately, the face of America changed before our eyes. I have to wonder just what degree of lawlessness it would take to bring her to justice.

But the real clincher is the unfortunate reality that all this freedom robbing lunacy might continue. The Democratic nominee for president has a long record of scandal and corruption in that same political playhouse.Her liberal nominations for the Supreme Court would diminish our longstanding concept of freedom for decades.

The Republican presidential nominee has been successful outside the realm of political power and influence. He doesn’t bow to the political correctness that festers within their culture and he doesn’t use the same political language so common to the Washington establishment but I think he does have a plan and an earnest ambition to return America to prosperity and growth.

The Democratic nominee offers a continuation of the past eight years, a continuation of certified failure and a continuation of ineffective and divisive political meandering without results. Put the playhouse politics to rest by voting for the nominee who knows how to lead without the gridlock and the certain failure of established politics. Please vote to keep freedom alive in America.

Leroy Donald, Stephens City