Letter to Editor: Party was set up to serve our nation


On Sept. 23 on your Opinion page, Leroy Donald asked the question, “Is Clinton the right choice?” I was slowly and painfully assembling my best arguments to present to Leroy when your Sept. 24 newspaper arrived and saved me the trouble.

For a quick answer, Leroy can read Jim Schaberl’s letter on page A4. In a few short paragraphs Jim reiterated the values that most of us use to shape our decisions and our lives. This is an easy answer for Leroy and he might consider sharing it with his family, if he missed the first debate.

On that same page my friend Andy Schmookler zeroes in on the big question: which is more important, loyalty to the Republican Party, or doing what is best for our nation? The answer should not be that difficult because the party was originally set up to serve the nation. If the two are moving in opposite directions or along different tracks, our job is to get them back together. The choice is simple: party or nation. As Andy puts it, “party or principle.”

I enjoyed Andy’s column about the 121 GOP patriots who have vowed not only to support Hillary Clinton, but also to actively campaign and help her win this election. Admittedly this is not an easy decision to make. The freedom we all appreciate guarantees our freedom to make this choice. Think about that.

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal