Letter to the Editor: Balanced reporting is needed


Fair and balanced: are you?

I am a faithful subscriber to the Northern Virginia Daily and avidly scour your paper daily. I am concerned that your paper has been largely negative for Donald Trump and largely positive for Hillary Clinton. I have not noticed your formal endorsement for Mrs. Clinton but up to now it appears to be a foregone conclusion.

Obviously both candidates are flawed but their campaigns provide rich topics to cover. It is my fervent plea that for the next 19 days or so, you will provide balanced reporting so that you readers can make informed decisions come Election Day.

So much is at stake for the future of out country! Such issues as the economy, jobs, immigration, Obamacare, Medicare, domestic security, world affairs, veterans care, the national debt, Social Security and entitlements, the Supreme Court and the Constitution are among others screaming to be discussed. How will your paper contribute to the security and prosperity of our people and nation in the future?  

Thaddeus Levandowski, Front Royal