Letter to the Editor: Dylan’s selection for prize questioned


Earlier in the presidential campaign season, a Donald Trump supporter and decorated military service veteran presented his purple heart to Mr. Trump at a public function. Beaming, the candidate confessed that he had always wanted one. Comedy, perhaps, or maybe characteristic of our age, which accords celebrities honors they do not deserve.

Recently, singer/songwriter Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. Bob Dylan is know to millions and has given joy to many through his songs and unique performance style. But Bob: “How does it feel”” How does it feel to be classed with the likes of Eliot, Hemingway, Buck, Faulkner, Gide, Churchill, O’Neill, Shaw, Galsworthy, and Pasternak? Do you feel a bit out of your league?

The selection of Bob Dylan for a Nobel literature laureate is indeed an offense to literature teachers laboring mightily to help students see the difference between writing that is poor, not so good, good, excellent and great.

John Clem, Edinburg