Letter to the Editor: Trump falls short of standards


Ed Hiner recently wrote a letter published in the Northern Virginia Daily in response to an earlier piece of mine. In this era of bitter political dialogue I appreciated the civil tone of Mr. Hiner’s letter.

There seems to be wide agreement that Donald Trump is at best an individual of dubious character. But Mr. Hiner lists a number of other characteristics relating to decision making that he believes Trump supporters value.

Each of us likely prizes different virtues in candidates. While I highly appreciate character, others obviously rank other characteristics as important. Given space limitations, I will summarize why Mr. Trump falls far short of meeting acceptable standards in two of those decision-making subjects.

One of those subjects is transparency. Mr. Trump refuses to make his tax returns public. We have never known of a major party candidate who has taken such a stand. It is particularly significant since there is credible evidence that Trump has used funds in his foundation to pay his personal debts – an unlawful activity. His foundation is also charged with operating without the necessary certification from the state of New York. And he asserts it’s “smart” that he’s not paid federal taxes. Is this evidence of how he would operate government?

Immigration is another subject mentioned by Mr. Hiner. While Donald Trump has repeatedly stated his intention to deport some 11 million persons in the U.S. who are here illegally, he has never described how he would undertake this unparalled action. Obviously, many of these immigrants have children who are citizens of the U.S. Further, what of their residences, employers, etc? And how would he make Mexico pay for his notorious wall? Trump also has said that he would bar Muslims from entering the United States.

These are extraordinary proposals in a nation made up of immigrants or their descendants and whose Constitution prohibits religious tests. Do these statements indicate decisions that a Trump in power would make? The lengthy campaign establishes this about Mr. Trump’s decision making. Any decision he makes is certain to be for the benefit of Donald Trump.

Bob Lowerre, Woodstock