Letter to the Editor: If the basket fits …


The dictionary defines deplorable as lamentable, bad and wretched.

Secretary Clinton said half of Trump’s supporters were deplorable, that is about 20 percent. The New York Times reports that 58 percent of his supporters have an unfavorable view of Muslims, and 78 percent thought Muslims encouraged terrorism. A majority thought African Americans were more “criminal” than whites and 40 percent thought they were more lazy.

The Pew Poll found a majority of Trump’s supporters in South Carolina thought 11 million illegal immigrants should be deported, 40 percent support closing mosques in the U.S., and that Muslims should be banned from entering the U.S.  Sixty-two percent support a national database on Muslims and 38 percent wish the South would have won the Civil War.  Lastly 38 percent believe that homosexuals should be banned from entering the U.S.. Oddly, 32 percent say they support the internment of U.S. citizens of Japanese descent during World War II.

As Mr. Blow of the New York Times said, “if the basket fits…”

Danuel Smith, Woodstock