Letter to the Editor: Ready for four, eight years of lies?



It’s simple! We just have to see what’s right there in front of us. Do you want four to eight more years of being lied to with every word?

Do you want more government corruption? Internal Revenue Service, FBI, State and Department of Justice: they all lied to us and are every day.

How about more terror attacks here at home, want more of them? How about more immigration? Want more of that? Need a good paying job? There’s plenty out there, government said so. I saw it on CNN. It must be true, right? Then there’s our beloved mainstream media. They always give it to us straight, right?

This government is just shameful. There’s no other way to say it,  and it’s no accident. The plan is to create doubt in every situation, and thwart the rule of law. When you destroy the rule of law you will have “destroyed America,” that simple. And that is the left’s most cherished goal.

Most of government opposition to our present government comes from some Republicans and independents but please do notice no elected Democrats opposed what is transpiring before our eyes and in fact they are condoning it! How about “Obamacare?” That’s great, right? Cheaper, more efficient, just plain better, right? Well standby, the Democrats are going to make it even better and by George cheaper too, just watch!

Another Hillary will help you. Let’s just look at all the great things she’s accomplished. In Bengazi, Syria, Iraq, Iran (which in reality now rules Iraq), Russia.  We shouldn’t even bother with the people voting, just put her in there! Yeah, she’s so, so great. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. Wow, and by God she’s a woman, too, so there you have it. If she gets in you’d better put on your big boy pants on Jan. 20.

For you folks out there who don’t vote, there’s a free lobotomy clinic in Washington, D.C., just for you. Get there early, there’s a long, long line. When it’s done you get everything free,  from – you guessed it – “the government.”

John Brain, Maurertown