Commentary: Hillary Clinton’s disappearing act

November 8 is what was supposed to be a turning point in American politics with the election of the United States’ first female president. However, the American people spoke and shattered this historical event along with the discontinuance of the Clinton political dynasty. (We’ll see what happens with Chelsea.)

Clinton herself had previously proclaimed of having been preparing for the role of president for 30-plus years.  A previous resident of the White House, a carpet-bagging senator from New York, and the appointment as secretary of state provided credentials to the envy of any seasoned politician.

The official election cycle for Clinton began on April 12, 2015, as she made her candidacy public via a slickly produced video announcement. Believe it or not, we have been suffering through this process for nearly 1 1/2 years.

I will give candidate Clinton full credit for her political prowess, ability to address large groups of people, present herself as a more than competent candidate via nationally televised events, and her ability to assemble and oversee a nationally based political campaign. Yes, she has done and accomplished more than myself and probably anyone else who is reading this commentary.

However, candidate Clinton demonstrated the true Hillary Clinton when her total lack of public presence, during quite arguably the biggest moment of her life, was turning sour on an historic night. Her campaign, or shall I say her donors, paid upward of tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands, to organize the event at the Javits Convention Center in downtown New York City. This was an event chock full of celebrities, including Katy Perry, whose concert I had the musical honor of attending with my daughter for her first true major concert event. I’m sorry to digress … Clinton’s constituency of 59 million American voters made it to the polls to give her an opportunity, and I have to believe that another several million watched the race results until the early morning hours, myself included, but firmly in the Republican camp.

The “real” Hillary Clinton showed an utter lack of complete respect for those who supported her during this difficult race. When the going got tough, the “real” Hillary Clinton was nowhere to be found. Clinton failed to address the election convention with any words of encouragement, disbelief, astonishment and dare I say leadership. Instead, the constituency received word from John Podesta, and who, quite frankly, was a very large contributing factor to Clinton’s failure and downfall, that she would not be addressing the crowd due to uncertainty in the remaining unreported jurisdictions.

Please. These organizations have statisticians on their staffs with enough historical and polling data to know how the votes are going to roll. With the fall of North Carolina, Florida and Ohio, Clinton knew her chances of capturing 270 electoral votes were dependent upon a few urban localities, which she ignored in the campaign process.

In the end, candidate Clinton disappeared and in the same breath true Hillary Clinton reappeared.

Greg Harold, a 35-year resident of Front Royal, is an MBA candidate at George Washington University and develops and builds facilities for the continuum of health care.