Commentary: Ugliness result of Democrats fiddling with core values

Richard Hoover


Here’s a proposition: America’s ugly national division, with all its anxiety and incivility, is largely a product of Democrat Party fiddling with American core values. And last week, the same fiddling contributed largely to massive Democrat defeats on all levels.  Here are but a few examples of Democrat core value transgressions (good heavens, where to begin?):

Gender:  Google “gender fluid” for insight into progressive comfort zones; note Hillary Clinton’s incessant championing of LGBT causes;  see also innovative Democrat protocols for public restrooms.

Family:  If, as most Americans believe, fidelity is the cornerstone of a solid family, and solid families form the cornerstone of a solid nation, how could the Democratic National Convention have chosen a candidate with an infidelity poster boy for a  husband?

Property and wealth: Given the Democrats’ campaign against Big Money and inequality, given Democrats’ longing that each “gives what one owes to another,” can anyone feel secure in their ownership?

Religion: According to National Public Radio, 80 percent of American evangelicals voted for Donald Trump. That says it all for how the Democratic Party is held by many, if not by most religious Americans.

Immigration, border enforcement: Clinton  said she dreams of a world without borders; Democrat-leaning pundits and organizations (e.g. the Associated Press) prohibit use of  the terms “llegal”  and “alien,” insisting rather on living in or entering a country illegally. Meanwhile, the numbers of those living in or entering our country illegally have skyrocketed and Democrats are perceived as lagging in border enforcement and in deporting those who are public charges or have criminal records.

Citizenship: Most Americans prefer a strictly construed American citizenship to the globalistic directions posed when President Obama, early on, declared himself a “citizen of the world.”

The right to bear arms: It appears this right is most restricted wherever Democrats control; Connecticut even issues a carry  permit for pepper spray!

Industriousness:  American tradition glorifies the crowning of hard work with success; welfare America, however, crowns no work at all!

Now, the Democrat mainline laments that its party utterly failed to get its enlightened messages through to the people.  However,  I would argue that the party’s messages, certainly those sketched above, not only came through loud and clear,  but amounted to a large chomp from the American “cake of custom,” all frosted in red, white and blue. Each message was perceived by millions as an attack on patriotism, if not on morality and religion.

I don’t mean to pass moral judgement on the Democrats (that would take another column), only to comment on political strategy: how dumb it was to assail bred-in-the-bone values, to stomp  the cake of custom. While such tactics succeed in sparking the left-wing urban demonstrations some are now enjoying, such tactics normally lose elections.

Nevertheless, Republicans must not forget that Nov. 8 was a close-run affair, that there was truth to party and conservative  leader warnings: “This is the last chance; if we blow it, it’s all over.” If the Democrats had been more circumspect and in tune with the American people, the worst Republican fears might well have come true.

Richard Hoover, a retired Foreign Service officer, resides in southern Warren County.