Letter to the Editor: Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty

Hillary Clinton lied about her emails, stating there was “no classified material” in her emails. However, FBI Director James Comey said that was untrue. Hillary then lied upon that lie by stating that Director Comey said her answers were truthful, and what she said is consistent with what she told the American people. This statement was given four  Pinocchios by the Washington Post fact checker.
Hillary lied to the American people when she alluded that the attack on our embassy was fermented by “inflammatory material posted on the internet.” There was no mention from Hillary about Muslim terrorists or other Muslim jihadists. Later she emailed her daughter Chelsea, stating that two of their officers were killed by an al-Qaida group.
When Hillary went to Bosnia she said she landed under sniper fire and skipped landing ceremonies and just ran with their heads down to get into the vehicles to get to their base.  Later a video was shown that confirmed there was an arrival ceremony and no such sniper attack took place.
John Bauserman, Woodstock