Letter to the Editor: A response to Schmookler’s column


This is in response to Andy Schmookler’s column on Nov. 23:

Aren’t we glad Andy loves us? He really loves us!

How did we sleep at night before we knew that? I know we go to bed tired after a week of plowing, making moonshine, raccoon hunting, clogging on Saturday and church on Sunday, but what a relief it is to know he loves us. He really loves us! He tells his friends he loves us and they should too. He almost said it out loud on his radio show once. Even though we smell like sweat or other things from working at fast food restaurants or cleaning up after the elderly in nursing homes or working on car tires or whatever other menial labor we perform all day to get by, he still loves us. He really loves us! Wow!

I showed the article to some of my friends while we were cooking apple butter, but they said they didn’t care if Andy loved them or not, it made no difference in their lives whatsoever and life goes on with or without Andy loving them. How rude!

They said the very notion that Andy felt he had to write an article in the paper and explain to we working class, that in spite of us not being good judges of character, (Trump supporters, phew he sniffed) he still loved us, just galled them. Like loving your plow mule they said.

I explained that he went to college and understood the big picture and we wouldn’t even be able to take care of ourselves without his and the liberals’ intellect, but they were having none of it. I told them he writes articles for the paper and is part of the media, surely he knows things we can’t begin to comprehend, but once again, only disdain. They said they didn’t care about those danged keyboard things anyways. They said they were worried more about being able to find a job than global warming.  How deplorable! They don’t get it but Andy does. He loves us, he really loves us!

Michael Anthony Dick, Front Royal