Letter to the Editor: Elections have consequences


We are so blessed in America to have the opportunity, privilege and freedom to vote for our leader.

However, in the past two presidential elections, millions chose not to vote, so we have had a president who ignored the Constitution, ignored Congress and with his pen and phone has literally changed America, which he promised to do.

On Tuesday we again have the responsibility and duty as citizens to vote for our leaders.

Neither candidate is acceptable to a great many people, but like it or not, one of them will be our next president, so it is important to know where they stand on the issues that are important to us then vote for what is best for America.

Clinton will continue on the present path, actually worse, promising higher taxes, more regulations and less freedom.

Trump has made a contract with America promising lower taxes, less regulations, energy production – which will create jobs. He strongly supports national security, military, veterans, police, education, rebuilding inner cities and more.

The single most important issue is who they will appoint to the Supreme Court. They both answered very clearly at the last two debates. She will appoint liberal judges who support her plans, including partial birth abortion. He will appoint constitutional judges who will protect our freedoms and who will be pro-life.

Please follow Franklin Graham’s advice: pray, vote, engage. Get involved in America’s future. Praying for America.

Eva Gochenour, Woodstock