Letter to the Editor: Government goes beyond basic role


I wish to observe that the reasons The Left has in being concerned about a Trump presidency would lose all of their importance if the government had always been what it ought to be. In fact: if the government was capable of nothing more than protecting all persons and all liberties, is it likely anyone would care who our president was or who voted for him?
If the government was confined to its proper function, everyone’s interest in the government would be the same. In fact, it is because government goes beyond its basic role – the protection of all life, liberty, and property – that The Left is concerned that Trump won, and why The Right would be concerned if he had lost.
Because government does not protect life but violates it, because government does not protect liberty but restricts it, and because government does not protect property but plunders it, the people have a right to fear a government they did not vote for.
Matt Clem, Shenandoah County