Letter to the Editor: Demand an end to dangerous charade

As a World War II combatant with the 4th Infantry Division of our Army, I participated in major battles in France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany – events, such as the Battle of the Bulge, which are only history nowI and my comrades were fighting for our nation, our families, the democratic way of life of our western civilization, and most important of all, our  Constitution.  Today, I am writing to you on behalf of those comrades who are no longer here to write for themselves.
Today, our Constitution is in grave danger. How can we even think of electing a president who admires and wants to be friends with the former KGB commander and who is now president of Russia?  Donald Trump’s choice of secretary of state is the CEO of the world’s largest oil producer, a corporation that has strong commercial ties to Russia and who knows President Putin on a
personal level.
Our Constitution specifically states that our President shall not receive either money or services, any compensation, gift or earned from any foreign country, or on behalf of any foreign country, no matter who presents it or under what circumstances.  During and after his campaign, Trump has managed to evade or ignore many of the rules of presidential elections, including, but not limited to disclosure of his tax returns and divestiture of business interests.
Enough is enough! May I suggest to your readers that they contact their representatives in Washington and demand an end to this dangerous charade.   
Jack A. Rickel, Front Royal