Letter to the Editor: Democrats keep repeating same mistake


While the NFL is searching for answers to the question of why their ratings have suddenly sunk dramatically, many Democrats are searching for answers to a similar question regarding their performance in this election.
What I find interesting is that the answers to both questions are obvious to most Americans. I’ll give the Democrats a hint: the American Heartland has been ignored and scoffed at by the Northeast and West coasts, belittled as backward racist and bigots, clinging to guns and religion, etc.  We’ve been reduced to second-class citizens and told that our opinion means nothing, so we got into the habit of not expressing our views because it’s easier to keep quiet than endure the bigotry.
Well, we expressed ourselves at the ballot box – powerfully.  We “racists,” many of who voted for Barack Obama twice, became fed up with the establishment.  Until the Democrats realize this, instead of simply calling us names, they will keep repeating the same mistake.  And from what I’m seeing in the liberal news media the last couple of weeks, they still haven’t learned.
Michael Garcia, Winchester