Commentary: We need to remain vigilant

What a refreshing sight to view the multitude of women’s marches recently! It restores hope in values most Americans share – one of them being the ability to tell and recognize the truth.

President Trump continues to create his own alternate reality to prove his arrested emotional development. I’m not willing to overlook this in the most powerful person on Earth and pretend that any other factors outweigh this. Maya Angelou has said, “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” For 18 months, President Trump has shown us who he is – a pathological liar, misogynist, xenophobe, among other descriptors. To me, that suggests a man in need of mental health therapy.

His call for change needs to start with himself. You can’t tweet about every negative comment. He fails to understand the power of words and their consequences. His self-absorption and insecurities will not change. He seems unable to connect facts with reality.

I believe Trump to be a willfully ignorant man concerning government, basically unfamiliar with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He needs to understand America’s diversity – a nation of immigrants – and that all are created equal and guaranteed certain rights. Democracy is what really makes America great.

I think President Trump has failed to address hate groups, only saying, “stop it.” I suspect that he foresees the white population eventually outnumbered by minorities. He seems to have no problem vilifying and offending those he regards as “other.”

President Trump wants to take us back decades and undo progress made with human rights, global warming, freedom of the press, international arms control and alliances, etc. I think he has set other nations on edge and who may wonder if we have lost our collective minds. The question becomes, “Does he say what he means?” or “Does he mean what he says?” What a quandary!

We cannot afford isolationism. We need firm international alliances as we share common endeavors. We all need perspective and realize that our planet is a mere speck in our galaxy of approximately 400 billion stars. All nations will eventually rise or fall together with our interdependence. I believe isolationist policies will have dire consequences.

Another concern: President Trump’s unwillingness to be forthcoming with his tax returns, possible conflicts of interest, his “bromance” with Putin, and failure to subject himself to rules and regulations. What is Trump hiding? He has had no problems with declaring bankruptcy multiple times and leaving contractors and employees in bad situations. No one seems to hold him accountable. Supposedly he is among the top wealthiest persons in our country. An embarrassingly high percentage of our nation’s wealth is concentrated with this privileged few. And he has made a number of his millionaire/billionaire friends appointees in his administration – so much for looking out for the “little” guy.

How did we get into this mess? What are the answers?

We got into this mess by weak persons who put politics (re-employment) above country. We must look at the 2018 congressional elections and elect those people willing to put country ahead of politics. The real solution is really very simple: term limits and campaign finance reform. Let’s get that movement going.  That’s the change that will make the difference.

Linda Jo Norris is a Maurertown resident.