Letter to the Editor: GOP, Dems killed Goodlatte’s plan


Congressman Bob Goodlatte tried to sneak through an amendment to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics.  It did not work because when the word got out the phone lines lit up all over Congress with both Republicans and Democrats voicing strong opposition.

So, Congressman Goodlatte tried to defend his motive by saying, “The amendment in the House Rules package strengthens the mission of the OCCR, restores constitutional due process rights to the accused, and ensures that the Office of Congressional Complaint Review remains a strong and independent review board throughout the 115th Congress.”

If that is so, then why not have an open debate so that we could strengthen it even more?  Why a secret meeting?  And just how would the OCE remain independent when Goodlatte’s amendment would have subjected the investigations of the OCE to the whims of Congress?

With all of those foxes watching the ethical hen house, the hens don’t stand a chance.

Michael Cash, Maurertown