Letter to the Editor: Afton Inn should remain a hotel


Just read the article about the local prospective investors who were entertaining renovating the old Afton Inn, announcing that the renovation will be too costly.  I think that most of us could agree that the many years of abuse that the building has endured has taken a huge toll on it and that it will take a firm with deep pockets to bring the hotel back to life.  That’s right, the key word is the hotel! The building should be a hotel.

It is hoped that the Front Royal / Warren County Economic Development Authority is working diligently to market the building to hotel firms like Wyndham, Hilton, or Carlson to name a few.  The proximity to the national park, vineyards, river walk. river access, historic district, Royal Cinema, fine dining, Randolph-Macon Academy, Christendom College, local shops and businesses are all attractive to hotel firms.

It will take deep pockets to make the renovation happen and it will take a firm that has access to those funds, not grant money. While parking is another problem, if interest can be found, then perhaps the Town of Front Royal employee parking can be forfeited to help sweeten the deal or maybe a three-level parking garage could be constructed to add parking space.

Good lord, the building is a landmark whether we like it or not.
Just a thought, not a sermon.

Bruce Rappaport, Front Royal