Letter to the Editor: Contact Goodlatte about Trump inquiry


With National Security Director Michael Flynn’s abrupt resignation for lying about his call to Russia before President Trump had been sworn into office, I urge anyone interested in open government to contact Congressman Bob Goodlatte at one of his district offices or directly in Washington (2309 Rayburn HOB, Washington, D.C. 20515) to urge him to support Congressman’s Jerry Nadler’s resolution of inquiry into Trump’s possible ties to Vladimir Putin and business conflicts.

Thus far Congressman Goodlatte, chair of the Judiciary Committee, has ignored two written requests (November and January) from his colleague, Rep. Nadler. With Flynn’s resignation and revelations that the administration had been warned that Flynn posed a security risk, how much longer will our Representative Goodlatte stonewall?

More damning is that Flynn’s calls came immediately after President Obama announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats and Putin had announced Russia would reply in kind. The next day, Russia said it would not reply tit-for-tat after all.

All this, mind you, almost a month before the president-elect had been sworn into office. Clearly this goes higher than Michael Flynn, who has dutifully fallen on his sword.

Let Congress perform its oversight duty.

Martin Lawson, Fort Valley