Letter to the Editor: Goodlatte, Comstock have gone to ground


Why are U.S. Representatives Bob Goodlatte and Barbara Comstock hiding from us?

Both of them have been so dynamic in pushing their political agendas over the course of their tenures.  Now, however, it seems that, in the face of mounting pushback from a growing segment of their constituents, they have gone to ground.

It was nice of Mr. Goodlatte to come out from behind his desk recently to meet with a relatively controlled group of voters at an Edinburg restaurant.  Sadly, that did not really count as an open forum.  The concept of a town hall meeting is a little broader than that.

Ms. Comstock has yet to come out from behind the curtain. Her concept of a town hall phonathon as a means of having a dialogue with constituents is a slight and a disservice, despite the protestations of her handler/facilitator Mr. Dave Stegmaier.

We are “We the People,” exercising our fundamental constitutional right to hold our elected representatives accountable.  When elected, they were not promised a smooth ride.  They need to exercise their constitutional responsibility to meet with any and all of their constituents in open forum.

In closing, with apologies to the “great communicator” Ronald Reagan, Mr. Goodlatte and Ms. Comstock need to “tear down this wall” and meet with the people, all the people, who depend on them to fulfill the obligations of their office.

Charles Funk, Front Royal