Letter to the Editor: Goodlatte in India rather than meet with constituentss


In response to Marilyn Lott’s letter (“Goodlatte Tired of Meeting with Constituents?”), Congress scheduled the week of Feb. 20 – 24 as District Work Week – a time for legislators to meet with their constituents.
Our Sixth District representative is in India, a country that has absorbed millions of American jobs through outsourcing.  I bet some of the readers know people who have had their jobs outsourced; or perhaps, even their jobs have disappeared through this procedure popular with companies large and small during the last two decades.  I’ve talked to them in call centers when I made inquiries to Redbox, my credit card company or sought help with computer-related questions.  But besides manufacturing positions, other jobs like reading X-rays or MRIs, accounting services, engineering, and computer programming have been outsourced to India.
Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, will have, according to The Indian Panorama News website, “the opportunity to engage with Indian ministers, decision makers, thinkers, business representative and partake of the rich Indian cultural palette.”
Yes, it is disheartening to realize that our representative is more interested in engaging with citizens of another country than with his own constituents during District Work Week.
Michele House, Star Tannery