Letter to the Editor: Supervisors’ action an embarrassment

What I witnessed at the joint work session between the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors and the School Board on Thursday evening was nothing short of embarrassing for our county.  At the conclusion of the joint work session, Supervisors Bailey, Shruntz and Walker tried to take advantage of Chairman Helsley’s absence and made a motion to add the election of a new chairman to the agenda. After the three of them passed that motion, they made another motion to elect Walker as the chairman, which passed. There was obvious concern from others, including Ms. Price, as to whether this maneuver was even legitimate.
However, Bailey, Shruntz and Walker didn’t seem to care.  Why not err on the side of caution instead of hastily taking action?  Apparently, that’s not their modus operandi. The 25 or so observers were visibly appalled, as were the School Board members.  Ms. Whetzel and Mr. Koontz asked the supervisors to take their business elsewhere as the School Board had additional business to conduct, and they were ignored.

Are these the kind of leaders we want for our county?  I did not support Walker in the election, but I was willing to at least give him a chance.  He could have been the bigger person and recognized that the action being taken was not right. However, it was obvious that this action was premeditated.  I lost all respect for supervisor Walker, and I’m embarrassed that he represents my district. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with him for now. I sincerely hope that the good citizens of Shenandoah County get out and vote for whomever is running against both Bailey and Shruntz in November.  Our county’s future depends on it!

Ryan L. Richmond, Edinburg