Letter to the Editor: We must protect democracy, freedom


I read with interest “The End of Reaganism” by Rich Lowry in your March 4 issue. I suspect that Ronald Reagan would be advocating some of the new ideas. I think The Great Communicator understood people and ideas and would recognize there is a new world out there.

It is the strength of our democracy that we do not have one strong party, but two. Sometimes they work together, sometimes they are bitterly opposed. Either way other parties are encouraged to spring up and add their two cents-worth. Freedom bubbles to the surface: freedom of speech, religion, assembly, etc.

It is up to us to protect our freedoms. Under a cloak of nationalism and some other ideologies, our freedoms are at risk today. We should all take a good look at what is going on and what to do about it. This is especially true of those citizens to whom we have entrusted our vote for many years in the past. Are they truly representing us, all of us, or are they putting their own interests first? We must protect our democracy and our freedoms.

Jack Rickel, Front Royal