Letter to the Editor: Drain health insurance swamp


We will never bring competition into the health insurance market until we end the unhealthy relationship between insurance companies, health care providers, and the IRS.

We all buy auto, life, home and business insurance under individual policies. The insurance companies pool the risk of all, and fight ferociously for the individual’s business.

In the auto and home insurance they push the service providers to be competitive and provide excellent restoration at the lowest possible prices.

Health insurance, however, defies the traditional actuarial risk system, and creates group policies, allowing the insurance companies to focus upon only high-payer companies and government policies. They then create contracts with hospitals for special pricing. This results in hospitals being able to charge the uninsured two and even three times as much as the insured, while improving their very profitable nonprofit status.

Individuals lose, and costs rise due to lack of competition.  I voted for Mr. Trump to make a real change. I know he wants to. We need to make group insurance policies illegal for businesses and government, while allowing them to contribute to health savings accounts so their employees continue to benefit.

Reform the IRS not-for-profit rules for health care providers. Allow purchase across state lines and bring tort reform. This will result in truly free market savings that will drive down both insurance and health care cost. Please drain this swamp!

William P. Barnett, Bentonville