Letter to the Editor: Group trying to inhibit woman’s right


I am writing to you in response to the article published on Jan. 13 titled “Anti-abortion group wants day of mourning,” written by Dai Ja’Norman.

The article explains the idea of the “Day of Tears,” a day to recognize all the terminated pregnancies as “innocents who have lost their lives in abortion.”

The Day of Tears organization wants to pass a piece of legislation requiring flags to be lowered in honor. There are a few problems with this. The institution of abortion is highly polarized; however, what legislators and organizers seem to forget is that women themselves were directly affected by the pregnancy and abortion. The mere fact that a group of legislators/ organization, the Day of Tears organization led by two men, are attempting, yet again, to further inhibit the right for a women to have control of her own body.

The article alludes to the fact that there should be a “biblical worldview” of abortion. However, not all people believe in what the Bible says. The meaning behind what the Bible states, for those who do believe in it, is fluid and ambiguous in itself, making it hard for it to be solid reasoning.

Richard Carey, Stephens City