Letter to the Editor: Kudos for exquisite photo


I would like to commend Northern Virginia Daily reporter Nathan Budryk for his simple but exquisite front page image on Feb. 27. This is portraiture at its very best!  More than just a “picture,” his composition hit multiple elements, beginning with the use of light on the harsh steel cages, which then drew our eyes to the central subjects of the image as the background of dark walls expressed the unfolding of a painful drama.

Next, he captured the calm body language of caretaker Katrina Keywood, with her gentle smile and direct, confident eyes, the sweet turn of her head, leading us down to the tenderness in her embrace of a recovering but obviously still very traumatized cat. Note the sad, tucked-in expression on the cat’s face, perhaps not secure enough to make eye contact with the photographer. However, the open placement of its paws indicates that it felt safe enough in Ms. Keywood’s arms to not have to cling to her.

Kudos to Mr. Budryk! Great shot!

Barbara Moore-Savidge, Linden