Letter to the Editor: Listen to what Trump is saying

Have you seen the Feb. 27 issue of The Nation magazine? It contains a message we should consider carefully.
“Weapons of Mass Distraction” is the title, and it starts with a World War II story about distraction as a means of defense.  The author, D.D. Guttenplan,  says we need to listen to the message that Donald Trump is really sending.  After listening to his latest speech, it becomes even more important to identify and discard the negotiating fluff and the lies (read “fake news”).  However, Trump chose his audience carefully.  Communities that have been neglected – high crime and massive unemployment, etc.  These folks believe him and will continue to vote for him.
This is serious stuff.  We need to get our act together.  Fix the bridges and the schools.  Find the jobs.  Rebuild the communities.  Consider Guttenplan’s final sentence: “while we giggle at Alec Baldwin on “Saturday Night Live,” Donald Trump could be laughing all the way to a second term.”
Meantime, the days go by.  Think about it.
Gloria Rickel, Front Royal