Letter to the Editor: School Board needs to get house in order


To address citizen’s comments from Tuesday’s Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors meeting regarding the school budget I offer the

The Shenandoah County Board allocates money to the School Board.The School Board and superintendent decide what’s funded, such as textbooks, copy paper, desks, tables, school supplies, maintenance, students’ programs such as drama/band, college courses offered, school calendar and boundary changes, capital improvement projects and the list goes on and on.

For years and years the School Board had chosen to mostly ignore the capital improvement portion of its budget, creating a backlog of boiler and roof replacement needs, to name a few. A few years ago the county board had to designate funds separate from the operational budget dedicated solely toward capital improvement projects not only to ensure our school buildings are safe, but that the School Board and superintendent are held accountable for these needs. All while school administration, principals, assistant principals and others have enjoyed an unprecedented increase in pay and benefits, even though private sector jobs and median household income continues to decline, businesses continue to close, parents are driving farther from their families to secure employment while facing increasing taxes on their real estate and personal property.

I would like to see the passion and energy shown at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting redirected toward the School Board and superintendent where it belongs. Once the School Board gets its school house in order it can come back to this board and we can have a real conversation about how much more money the School Board needs to effectively educate our children.

So, citizens can continue to send hateful emails if they want, but Mrs. Shruntz and I will see them on Nov. 7 at our respective polling precincts, shaking hands with those who appreciate what God has given them and asking the government to just stop taking more of what they earn.

Cindy Bailey , Shenandoah County supervisor, District 4