Letter to the Editor: Suggestions for Trump’s wall


One of President Reagan’s finest moments was his speech at the Berlin wall. There he challenged Gorbachev to “tear down this wall!” Not only does Mr. Trump equate Putin’s despotism with ours but Trump still persists with Reagan’s opposite-build a wall!

If this remains Trump’s position, I suggest the following:

The proposed wall on the Mexican-American border may or may not have any practical outcomes and in itself does have symbolism and will cost $15 billion in taxpayer dollars. But Mr. Trump’s world view would be better expressed by a similar wall being erected around the Statue of Liberty. It could be composed of parts of the new construction employed on the southern border, parts replicas of the Chinese Great Wall, parts replicas of the Dachau concentration camp walls and parts a replica of the Berlin wall. The Chinese and German governments might even donate sections of their actual walls for this effort. Additionally, the wall could be constructed as to actually function, with guards making sure only American tourists were allowed in with picture IDs. This wall should be constructed so there is no doubt as to the president’s intention.

Jim Plitt, Wardensville, West Virginia