Letter to the Editor: Trump won and that is that


I watched a TV show recently and as I did a realistic truth came to mind. The show was titled “Freedom Riders American Experience.” It was live footage taken from the 1960s when Dr Martin Luther King Jr. along with both black and white Americans came together to give all people the freedom they deserved. Dr. King did this with non-violence, with love for his fellow man at heart.  The show was two hours long and brought back memories of a time when our country was divided, as it is now. I am old enough to remember some of this.

What prompted me to write this is the fact that we are reliving this again. The movement by Dr. King was met with some of the most violent acts seen in recent history. Up until now that is. People are doing the same thing now against Donald Trump. The problem is that those moving in a violent manner either are too young to have live through this or do not know history. If the readers are doing this or at least supporting this behavior, then you are in that violent category.

Trump has America at heart and will do his best to make America great again. He is our president – mine and everyone’s. He won and that is that. So people, look in the mirror and if the shoe fits, wear it.

Those of us who did not vote for Obama did not take to the streets protesting. We went to the polls and changed what we didn’t like.

I know nothing about what it takes to run our local governments or police and sheriff’s departments,  but I have confidence in the ones who are in office. I let them run it and if I do not agree,well an election can change that.

I have heard some people put replies on social media about my letters. That is a cowardly way to say what they want.  I do not do social media nor read electronic replies.  I am easily found if anyone wants to meet me face to face.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg