Letter to the Editor: Why don’t we all have same health plan?


I have just finished reading what I could find on the Republican Party’s new health plan.  Luck is on my side as I do not have to use it. It appears to be a very complicated plan, and could be quite expensive.

I will keep this letter very short. I have an excellent health plan, mine is very similar to that of our congressmen and congresswomen and senators have. It is paid for by the federal government (taxpayers). It works great with a minimum amount of paper work. My doctors seem happy with it as well. Our congressmen and women and senators seem quite happy with their health plan. If it is good enough for me and them, why don’t we all have the same plan? After all, it covers me and my family as well as them and their families, it is paid for almost entirely by our taxes, so why don’t we all get the same benefits?

As far as I know, most of us pay taxes. Why should the elites of our nation and people like me have these benefits when those in much greater need do not? And lastly, why do we spend 17 percent  of our gross national product on health care? Canada spends 8 percent, they live longer, appear to be quite healthy, have much lower to no insurance payments, have a higher standard of living and by all measurements have a larger middle class than the United States.  Their members of Parliament have the same health care insurance as the citizens.

Danuel L. Smith, Woodstock