Letter to the Editor: Trump, Putin have betrayed voters


As leaders, Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have an awesome responsibility. It’s past time for an assessment of their ability to lead. Let’s get them outside of their selves and take a look.

As former Vice President Joe Biden recently suggested for Trump, “Grow up!” My advice for them is o get some perspective. They have lived the larger portion of their lives and are in a position to make life better, or worse, for those they  serve. Thus far, we humans are mortal and life is a brief journey. We are star dust and our bodily shells will return to the elements upon death. Looking from outer space, our planet is a mere speck in our galaxy of 400 billion stars. That should give them some perspective.

I suspect both men are ignorant about science, philosophy and history. (I can’t forget  Trump’s reference to “Two Corinthians” in the New Testament. Wowza!) Have either given thought of a spiritual life in another dimension post death? Do hey have perspective yet?

It has been said our behavior is caused by and reflective of our needs. They have an affinity for wealth and material goods. Money can buy one only so much stuff. Nobody  really owns anything – we are all merely renters for a brief period of time.

Neither seems accountable to anyone or reap no consequences for bad behavior. They create their own “fake, alternate” realities and seem to have a disdain for common value. Words such as cunning, devious, game-playing, lying, devoid of conscience, failure to understand the power of words come to mind. They share narrow, nationalistic, narcissistic, ignorant, self-absorbed tendencies and use fear and anger to control.

I would suggest a good psychiatrist to unravel their insecurities and need for power and control. Mental health therapy might benefit both. Their arrested emotional development needs exploring.

I believe both have betrayed the people who “elected” them. What kind of planet will future generations inherit as a result of their decisions and insatiable desires to meet their needs? Do they know the answer to that? I suspect not!

Linda Jo Norris, Maurertown